About Me:

Tania Grobler is a counselling psychologist who specialises in working with clients' emotional difficulties, as well as the promotion of clients' emotional well-being.

Her specified fields of interest involves working with adults, couples, teenagers, children and parents.

Tania is an advanced hypnotherapist as well as EMDR-clinician. She also has a special interest in sand play therapy and is an internationally accredited play therapist.

The therapy room is a place of safety where important work is done!

The Play Room provides an opportunity for children under 10 years to do their work in structured and unstructured play.


play 2

Meeting in the sand.....

In Sand Play Therapy, clients build a picture in the sand with as many or as few of the miniatures and figurines available on the shelves. It creates a means to profound depth!

Children, teens and adults alike, enjoy working in the sand!