Being a parent is one of the most important jobs we’ll ever have, but we have no manual for it….

Join us for a hands-on course that does not claim to have all the answers, but to at least be familiar with some of the answers and techniques that are highly effective with children.

Course material is included in the form of lots of interesting hand-outs about the course itself, as well as related topics.

What is Parent Child Relationship Therapy?

Parent Child Relationship Therapy / Filial Therapy is for any parent who wants to enhance his/her relationship with their young child. Children’s natural medium of communication is play. During the Filial Program parents learn basic Play Therapy skills to use with their own children: from ways to play together to limit-setting and discipline.

Parent Child Relationship Therapy takes place in a group format, which is essential in normalizing parents’ experiences. Didactic instruction is coupled with parent-child play sessions and supervision in a supportive atmosphere. This provides a dynamic process that sets Filial Therapy training apart from other parent training programs that are exclusively educational in nature.

What will I learn as parent?

an increased understanding of your child’s underlying feelings, thoughts and needs
more about the role of play and emotions in your child’s general development
how to build your child’s self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence
increased self-acceptance and confidence in your ability to be a good parent to your child(ren)
specific parenting knowledge and skills for effective limit/ boundary-setting and discipline to decrease frustrating no-win situations between you and your child
an opportunity for you to focus on the positive aspects and relationship with your child
the realization that other parents share the same doubts, fears and frustrations as you
to rediscover the JOY OF PARENTING!

What can I expect?

an initial interview with parents before training starts
this is a hands-on practical program, that consists of 5 short phases:
  - introduction and demonstration of techniques
  - parent training in techniques
  - parent-child play sessions
  - parent-child play sessions at home (which is the heart and  purpose of the training) conclusion
the language medium (Afrikaans / English) will be determined by the group, however participants are welcome to communicate in the language they feel most comfortable in
the course material is included in the form of lots of interesting hand-outs  about the course itself, as well as related topics
you will need to purchase a short list of toys, which you will use during your  play sessions – inexpensive options available
the program consists of 6 weekly sessions of 3 hours each
the program is presented on Saturday mornings to  make it accessible for most parents

Dates:  Six (6) consecutive Saturdays twice a year (1 in each half of the year).


R2 500 for the 6 week course
Most of the amount can be claimed back from your medical  aid, depending on its benefits
Payment methods to choose from


to book please call Tania on 082 789 5908 or email your registration form  to
the training program is to be paid for in advance as it is a 6-week commitment for the whole group
Please indicate the investment option of your choice:
Option 1:

CASH OPTION: ONLY R2 500 (instead of R2 800) on booking for the course and in advance

Option 2:

Cash / cheque / transfer of R2 800 in  2 or 3 payments provided that the amount  is paid in full on the last day of the course

Direct deposits can be made to:

Account name: T. GROBLER
Bank: ABSA
Account number: 4055 707 126
Branch name: Lynn Ridge Mall
Branch code: 632005
Reference: Your name and surname

Please download, complete and email the form to